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Register. Record. Report. Recognise. Repatriate.

If a thief can't sell what they have stolen, why steal them in the first place? The Tack Register is the only app that will remove the market for stolen tack.


Keeping horses is expensive enough without them continually being preyed upon by thieves.

Use “The Tack Register” to record all your property, including horses, to make those emergency calls when you are out hacking, and record those suspicious vehicles parked near your stables.

If you become a victim.. in 5 seconds you could have notified every other Tack Register user of what was stolen.

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Remove Market

for Stolen Tack


The app allows users to instantly report stolen goods. These will then appear on "Dodgy Gear" which is a search engine for all stolen items. This can be accessed and used by any member of the public or the police.


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Real Time Alerts


Instantly report stolen goods

from the app

and alert all

local users

and the police.

If you find 

stolen tack on

Dodgy Gear you

can instantly

notify the

original owner

via the app.

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Call for help in an emergency with the Emergency button on the app. In the middle of nowhere and you fall and injure yourself? The app will send your precise location using What3Words, making it easy to be found and send help. 

Image by Ashim D’Silva

Fast Repatriation


Dodgy Gear is used to identify stolen tack. You can search the app for items via serial number, model, maker and description. This makes it easy to find stolen tack and inform the original owner. 

Data Cloud

Secure System

The Tack Register

is hosted on

an ISO 27001 database.

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The Tack Register not only protects your tack and horses but all equine equipment and livelihoods. This is a comprehensive cloud based smartphone app trying to tackle equine crime.


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Try The Tack Register for Free!

You have free use of the app for 6 months, free use limit of 2 pictures, after which you will need to upgrade to one of the following subscriptions on the app: 


  • Full (Max 10 images total of either Horse or Tack) = £18/year including VAT

  • Premium (Max 30 images total of either Horse or Tack) = £36/year including VAT

  • Commercial (Max 90 images total of either Horse or Tack) = £60/year including VAT

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Refer a friend!

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The more people using The Tack Register, the better chance we have of catching these thieves and the more chance you have of getting things back if you become a victim. 

You can use the refer a friend section in the app and we will forward them details about the app and how to sign up.

What's the benefit to you I hear you ask?

If a person you send it to does sign up for the app, then we will extend your membership by at least a week, every time. 

If they then do the same, they will receive the benefit too. 


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